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Bridgestone Performance Player Of The Week: Dashon Goldson

redskins.com - Dec 8, 2015

Redskins safety Dashon Goldson was a stat sheet stuffer Monday against the Cowboys, earning this week's Bridgestone Performance Player of the Week honors.

Redskins-Cowboys Always Has Extra Meaning

redskins.com - Dec 7, 2015

Despite the fact that a win tonight could pull the Redskins further ahead of the NFC East, playing the Cowboys always means a little bit more to the Redskins and the fan base.

dashon goldson "Somebody told me, ‘I don’t care how many games you guys win, as long as you beat the Cowboys,’ At that point I knew it was serious. As far as what I’m doing to prepare for this is simply just the same thing I do week in - week out. Film study and knowing my opponent, understanding what they’re doing and relying on our game plan to execute that. I'm not trying to be Superman out here. I’m just trying to win a football game."

After Super Bowls elsewhere, Goldson, new vets lead Redskins

usatoday.com - Dec 7, 2015

In 1st year with Redskins, vets Goldson, Knighton help lead team's sought-after turnaround         

dashon goldson "To believe in what we've got, We've got the talent here. It's just the mindset."
darrel young "Those guys are leaders. And you just look at what they've done — there's a reason the team brought them in. Obviously they can play football, too. But if there are older guys still around in the NFL, it's usually because of their leadership and what they can show by example. And they can talk about it, too, and back up what they say, Those guys are our leaders and we're going to follow them."
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Redskins’ ascension to first place began with an attitude overhaul

washingtonpost.com - Dec 6, 2015

Influx of fresh faces brought with it a fresh approach toward leadership, and players say it’s paying off.

trent williams "The hat goes off to Scot and the guys in the front office, just going out and searching for those right pieces – guys who have been in competitive situations, guys who know how to win and ultimately veterans who know how to lead. I think it’s definitely helped this locker room tremendously."
deangelo hall "Instead of a coach calling somebody out and taking it personal, we call each other out, whether it’s a play I didn’t make or a play D-Gold doesn’t make or somebody up front not being in the right gap, But we do it from a standpoint of almost like brothers calling each other out. People tend to take it different than feeling like a coach is putting them on blast."

Veteran Leadership Having Effect On Young Roster

redskins.com - Dec 3, 2015

As the Redskins prepare for a playoff push over the last five games of the season, the veterans brought in by Scot McCloughan this season have a big effect on a roster that is still relatively young.

dashon goldson "When they signed me, pretty much, when I signed on that dotted line. I knew what I wanted to do when I came in here and that was win, so why not, you know, express how you feel? I was always a hard worker and did the unnecessary steps in order to better myself. So, with that being said, a lot of guys see that and respect that. I mean, it would say it was a natural thing for me."
trent williams "I think it comes with maturity, me being more comfortable to talk up knowing that me as a captain I do have an influence on guys, and if I want this team to be where I know we can be, that I just have to speak up and I can’t just sit by the wayside and just do my job and say little things here and there, I’ve just got to be a constant voice. And we have a young team – a young, impressionable team – and I think that’s what’s best for us to try to accomplish what we want to accomplish."

The Redskins-Cowboys rivalry, from a different perspective

washingtonpost.com - Dec 3, 2015

"I don’t care how many games y’all win, as long as y’all beat the Cowboys."

dashon goldson "I learned about [the rivalry] when I was getting ready to sign here, Somebody told me, ‘I don’t care how many games y’all win, as long as y’all beat the Cowboys.’ At that point, I knew it was serious."

Dashon Goldson: Redskins' team-building mirrors what 49ers went through

washingtontimes.com - Dec 2, 2015

Dashon Goldson considers himself fortunate in the sense that he has had the opportunity to play for three different teams throughout his nine seasons in the NFL. In his six seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, he emerged into a leader that helped turn a 6-10 team into one that ...

dashon goldson "Simply, man, from the beginning, I told the guys that the difference between a good team and a great team — a good team and an average team — is just the mindset, And, like I’ve said, we always, the team had the potential. Just coming in here, they have the athletes to get it done. It was just a mindset based on how we practice and our preparation and going into these games believing we can win."
dashon goldson "We don’t really focus on teams’ records and what’s going on in the media, We let that stuff work itself out. But, what we control is our own destiny and what we can control and that’s our preparation leading into these games."
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Redskins players hoping Kirk Cousins will be more vocal, take leadership role

washingtontimes.com - Dec 1, 2015

ASHBURN — Kirk Cousins' voice might not be the loudest in the Washington Redskins' locker room, but that does not mean players are not following the fourth-year quarterback's lead. When coach Jay Gruden named Cousins the starter at the beginning of the season, it wasn't as if the quarterback was ...

Fueled by players-only meeting, Redskins defense rallies for strong effort

csnmidatlantic.com - Nov 29, 2015

The Redskins D might have played their best 60 minutes of the season on Sunday, and the effort stemmed from a player's-only meeting Saturday night.

dashon goldson "Stop losing,"

Redskins' resolve tested once more by loss of Chris Culliver

espn.go.com - Nov 26, 2015

Redskins&apos resolve tested once more by loss of Chris Culliver

chris baker "Cully never wants to get beat, but he doesn’t want the guy behind him to look better than him, All the time he wants to be the best. When you have stuff like that from Cully and [Dashon] Goldson and [Terrance] Knighton, it trickles down to the rest of the team."

Redskins players hand out food for Thanksgiving at Suitland High School

washingtonpost.com - Nov 24, 2015

They teamed up with food banks and the school’s football players to help local families.

dashon goldson "This is just the way I grew up, I have always had a heart for people, and I am blessed and established where I can give back to the community. This is one of my favorite holidays, and I think that everybody should eat. . . . It’s a no-brainer for me."
deangelo hall "we are all from communities similar to this."

Tony Siragusa wasn't impressed by Redskins body language

washingtonpost.com - Nov 22, 2015

Fox sideline reporter thought Washington lacked energy. Maybe he had a point?

Redskins' run defense, successful last week, faces another challenge in Panthers

washingtontimes.com - Nov 19, 2015

ASHBURN — When Mark Ingram broke away from Dashon Goldson's tackle and rumbled for a 70-yard gain last week, it appeared as if it was going to be another taxing day for the Washington Redskins' defense. The New Orleans Saints scored two plays later, but Ingram's explosive run was ultimately ...

dashon goldson "You can’t dwell on that, If you blow something, or someone gets behind you, you’ve got to move onto the next play and make sure it doesn’t happen again."

After Sunday's big win, Gruden acknowledges 'progress'

csnmidatlantic.com - Nov 17, 2015

Jay Gruden says the Redskins are working harder and seeing the results

Strong Practice Week Boosts Big Redskins Victory

redskins.com - Nov 17, 2015

It was a common refrain in the locker room and at Jay Gruden's press conference on Monday: an intense week of practice was the foundation for a 33-point victory over the Saints.

dashon goldson "I know what type of team we have, we showed spurts of the kind of team we got and sometimes we get a little lazy at practice sometimes, So I just wanted to make sure guys come in, understand what we got. We got a good football team. We need to start believing in that and having these practices. Challenges, challenge each other at practice."
alfred morris "We had a really, really great week of practice and it translated on the field, And that’s always awesome when you have a great week of practice. Sometimes you have a great week and it doesn’t translate and that makes those days a lot harder than [Sunday]. So I’m just glad it translated, I’m glad we went out there and played our all today and left it all on the field."

Seeds for Redskins blowout were planted during this week’s practices

washingtonpost.com - Nov 15, 2015

Dashon Goldson set the tone, and players had a spirited week of clashes leading up to win over Saints.

dashon goldson "Just watching the film, I think there were some times that could’ve went a different way if we would’ve had a better practice in certain periods, We didn’t get that done, so I wanted to make sure we got that done this week coming in against a good football team."
jason hatcher "We just got after each other man, The coaches coached their [butts] off man. They were holding guys accountable. The team was holding guys accountable, and we just had a great day of practice. Luckily for us, we brought it to the game."
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Like the Redskins, Drew Brees and the Saints enter Sunday's game in a desperate situation

washingtonpost.com - Nov 12, 2015

The Redskins aren’t the only team that finds itself in a desperate situation on Sunday. The Saints are 4-5 in a much stronger division.

drew brees "There’s a great sense of urgency at this point of the season because there’s no margin for error, Listen, if we want to achieve our goals we have set for ourselves this season, you know this is one of those games at this point of the season with our record, going into the bye week, all that stuff, man, we’ve got to find a way to win. I think especially that fact that our bye week is coming kind of late, this is a game when maybe you want to feel good about yourself going into the bye week and then you have an extra week to kind of rest up, get recharged, get healthy in a lot of areas and then make a run at the end of the season."

Washington Redskins: 5 Players Whose Stock Is on the Rise After OTAs

bleacherreport.com - May 26, 2015

The start of organized team activities for the Washington Redskins is technically May 26.  However, per the team's official website, workouts have been under way at Redskins Park for some time now. Players were permitted to undergo strength and conditioning activities as far back as April 20. With that said, Tuesday's workouts will merely kick off Phase 3 of Washington's offseason w

Redskins OTA to-do list: Safety

csnwashington.com - May 25, 2015

One of the Redskins' most intense battles this offseason will come at safety, as seven players compete for four or five spots.

Redskins draft Kyshoen Jarrett of Virginia Tech in the sixth round of 2015 NFL draft

washingtontimes.com - May 2, 2015

The Washington Redskins waited until Day 3 of the NFL draft to address their defensive backfield, grabbing Virginia's Tech safety Kyshoen Jarrett with their first pick in the sixth round, No. 181 overall. Jarrett started 38 of Virginia Tech's 39 games over the past three seasons while serving as an ...

New Redskins S Dashon Goldson admired Sean Taylor's game

csnwashington.com - Apr 12, 2015

Dashon Goldson hasn’t played a snap for the Redskins yet, but the safety has already endeared himself to the team’s fan base with his professed admiration for Sean Taylor.

dashon goldson "I’m not Sean but I’m honored to be patrolling the same playgrounds as he did."
dashon goldson "When I figured out I was going be here, that was one of the things I wanted to get off my chest, I just paid my respects to a guy that came in here and did tremendous things in this league and definitely at the position and for this organization. So I wanted to make sure the fans understand my mindset coming in here. Being on this defense, definitely [I’m] going to be setting the tone for sure, enforcing that. Ain’t no walk-throughs [around] here, you what I’m know saying?"
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5 Late-Round Prospects Washington Redskins Should Target in 2015 NFL Draft

bleacherreport.com - Apr 9, 2015

The names you hear announced at the start of the draft may be the ones you remember, but the lifeblood of NFL franchises is found in the late rounds of the NFL draft. Taking a glimpse into the Washington Redskins' recent draft history, this all but explains why the team has one playoff berth in the past seven seasons. It's too early to judge the 2013 and 2014 draft classes, but of the 26 players W

Washington Redskins Morning Clips: 4/8

redskins.com - Apr 8, 2015

A morning roundup of what the local and national media have to say about the Washington Redskins on Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

Dashon Goldson Ready To Play Enforcer Role

redskins.com - Apr 7, 2015

A veteran of eight NFL seasons, two-time Pro Bowler Dashon Goldson wants to make sure his presence is felt on a revamped defensive unit.

Redskins Blog: Redskins mailbag: On running back depth, draft scenarios and Dashon Goldson

washingtonpost.com - Apr 7, 2015

Here we are in the month of April, and that means another week closer to the NFL Draft, which begins April 30 and wraps up on May 2.In today’s mailbag, we tackle a lot of draft-related questions, and also examine depth at running back, and how things could play out with safety Dashon Goldson now in the fold.Read full article >>

Redskins Blog: A closer look at NFL draft prospect Leonard Williams

washingtonpost.com - Apr 7, 2015

Leonard Williams is seen by many as the top prospect in this draft. He’s the top defensive lineman on just about every draft board and is, at worst, a consensus top-five pick. While Tampa Bay looks set to take quarterback Jameis Winston with the first overall pick, Williams looks set to factor in heavily in discussions at the second, third and fourth overall picks before the Redskins are on the

Washington Redskins Morning Clips: 4/7

redskins.com - Apr 7, 2015

A morning roundup of what the local and national media have to say about the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

Washington Redskins Morning Clips: 4/6

redskins.com - Apr 6, 2015

A morning roundup of what the local and national media have to say about the Washington Redskins on Monday, April 6, 2015.

Redskins Blog: A closer look at new Redskins safety Dashon Goldson

washingtonpost.com - Apr 6, 2015

The Redskins acquired safety Dashon Goldson from the Buccaneers on Friday, giving up a 2016 sixth-round pick and getting a 2016 seventh-round pick and Goldson in return. Goldson has obvious connections with the Redskins, having been drafted by GM Scot McCloughan during his spell in San Francisco with the 49ers. Goldson should fill the hole at free safety, but is more of a short-term than long-ter

Buccaneers Trade Dashon Goldson

prod.buccaneers.clubs.nfl.com - Apr 4, 2015

The Buccaneers have sent veteran safety Dashon Goldson to the Redskins in exchange for a 2016 draft pick, ending Goldson's tenure in Tampa after two seasons.

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