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Game Day: Canucks seek to start streak against ‘explosive’ Rangers

vancouversun.com - Dec 9, 2015

It has been quite some time since we were able to put the words winning streak and the Vancouver Canucks together.

This puck hovered in slow motion long enough for the Sabres to bat it in for a goal

sbnation.com - Dec 7, 2015

Physics is weird. The Buffalo Sabres were on the receiving end of some lucky physics that helped them to their first goal. Whether it was magic or some Jedi mind tricks that helped this puck stay in the air like it did for Brian Gionta to tip in, no one will know. Regardless, the result is one of the best tip in goals you'll see this season. The refs rightfully reviewed the call of a g

Canucks Game Day: Struggling hosts to face Eichel-led Sabres

vancouversun.com - Dec 7, 2015

A bit of offensive punch recently brought some relief to the Buffalo Sabres, who can get back on track by delivering another blow to an already struggling club.

Morning 3-on-3: John Gibson creating intrigue

espn.go.com - Dec 1, 2015

Morning 3-on-3: John Gibson creating intrigue

The Provies: Work safe environments, Cold War Miller, and a whole lot of turnovers

blogs.theprovince.com - Dec 1, 2015

Botch has the night off, so you are stuck with me for the Provies. This means more gifs, less feuding, and probably a WWE reference thrown in for good measure.

Canucks Post Game: Desjardins disturbed, Virtanen injured, McCann miffed, captain cuts to chase

blogs.theprovince.com - Dec 1, 2015

Points to ponder after the Vancouver Canucks put in their worst performance of the season in a telling 4-0 loss to the Ducks on Monday which exposed their lack of preparation, more shoddy coverage and terrible turnovers:

Ryan Miller "I think we definitely need to come out with a different attitude — we kind of got jumped in the first, I think we just wanted to get into the game and tonight wasn’t the night for it. You can’t settle into these kind of games, you have to go and dictate. The first period with the number of penalties we took and the way we played, we deserved to be down one or two goals. The second period was better, but when you have to start taking chances and have to open up, the third is always going to be tough if they stay disciplined."

Miserable month for Canucks ends with ugly 4-0 loss to Ducks

vancouversun.com - Dec 1, 2015

Last year, the Vancouver Canucks had a November to remember. This year, they had one they’d just as soon forget.

Ryan Miller "I thought we got jumped in the first a little bit, We levelled it out in the second, but they were playing pretty good structure. We had to find ways to get behind them and draw some penalties and they stuck to it pretty well."

The Provies: Daniel goes boss, Canucks go gong show, Sven goes away and the plea for McCann

blogs.theprovince.com - Nov 28, 2015

The Sedins deserved better. Ryan Miller, too. They survived a 3-on-3 against one of the fastest teams in the NHL. They survived some appalling penalty killing, yet again, and they worked together to help get the Canucks all the way to the shootout.

The Provies: Biggest question for Jared the Man, Trade Dreams and Revenge of the Dranse

blogs.theprovince.com - Nov 26, 2015

A rested Ryan Miller is a better Ryan Miller. He was as good this game as he was in his terrific to start to the season. Lessons learned?

Jannik Hansen "When you get older, you tend to lose your pace. They won’t be hemmed in by that. They don’t play a thousand miles an hour, they slow the game down,"
Jannik Hansen "I think that’s why they’re not falling off. They rely on finesse. They rely on intelligence. These are not things you’re going to lose."
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Game Day: Road-tested Canucks hope to Xcel against Wild

vancouversun.com - Nov 25, 2015

SAINT PAUL, Minn. — The Vancouver Canucks are on the road again and they could not have selected a tougher spot to begin their latest trek.

Jannik Hansen "We are always preaching that it is a new game but obviously it is a building where we haven't had whole lot of success, And we need some points. We have to put together a solid effort."

Who's Next? Canucks at Wild

vancouversun.com - Nov 25, 2015

Head coach Willie Desjardins, pictured, and his Canucks had just enough time to re-pack during a two-game, two-night homestand in which they lost 3-2 Sunday to New Jersey after beating the Chicago Blackhawks 6-3.

Canucks can't cut it in close contests this campaign

edmontonsun.com - Nov 24, 2015

The Vancouver Canucks know close isn't going to cut it.

Daniel Sedin "When you end up on the wrong side of those one-goal games you're missing something, Our attention to detail hasn't been good enough. If we can take that up one notch we will be fine."
Daniel Sedin "I would be worried if I thought we had played our best, I don't think we have. Our system hasn't been great, it's been better lately, but it can still be better. We can be a better team."

Iain MacIntyre: Ryan Miller ironing out wrinkles in his crease

vancouversun.com - Nov 18, 2015

Twelve days, six games and five losses into their National Hockey League world tour, the Vancouver Canucks did not practice here Tuesday. Not even their three-on-three overtime, line changes or how to defend a short-handed rush.

Ryan Miller "tough week."

Canucks Game Day: Miller moves aside for Markstrom in Montreal

vancouversun.com - Nov 16, 2015

The Vancouver Canucks will take a break from Miller time and entrust their netminding to the backup — Jacob Markstrom — who starred last week in Columbus.

Henrik Sedin "We made way too many mistakes, We were sloppy. We didn't get anything going. We're still making way too many mistakes, and we've got to stop talking about that we're a young team. We have to simplify things. Five-on-5 we have to get away from those turnovers and easy goals for the opponent."

Canucks vs. Habs Gameday: Markstrom and Shinkaruk ride in to save the day

blogs.theprovince.com - Nov 16, 2015

Ryan Miller is getting his rest. Miller is 35 years old and leads NHL goalies in games played. It’s probably not the best plan for sustained success.

Yannick Weber "He has gone down and played hard. He deserves a chance to play up."
Yannick Weber "He didn’t get played a lot early. That was tough for him. He had a really good year last year so he was disappointed at the start."

Botchford: Miller is tired, and talking like it

theprovince.com - Nov 15, 2015

TORONTO — Ryan Miller’s road trip has been so long it needs its own table of contents. When it began, he was cruising. His save percentage cresting at .923, he looked as good as ever had in a Canucks uniform.

Ryan Miller "blew it."
Ryan Miller "I don’t know what this league’s turning into,"

Ryan Miller is puzzled by the NHL’s goal review system

yardbarker.com - Nov 15, 2015

The Vancouver Canucks appeared to have two goals against the Toronto Maple Leafs, but the NHL disallowed both efforts. The decisions were controversial and Ryan Miller commented on the incidents after the game, stating that he really isn’t sure what the league is doing. Here are the two plays in question. First, Jannik Hansen’s effort was overturned due to the league believing there was a di

mike babcock "I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen, so I just watch, I just tell them, ‘Let’s be ready either way.'"

The Provies: Miller unsure what the NHL is turning into and Burrows tours the challenge room

blogs.theprovince.com - Nov 15, 2015

The kids are making big turnovers, getting scored on. Vets without Soft-Js leading their name are not elevating their game.

Ryan Miller "I’m having a tough week."

Canucks' special teams struggles persist in 3-2 loss to Senators

vancouversun.com - Nov 13, 2015

OTTAWA – Unable again to score enough on their power play or stop the opposition’s, the Vancouver Canucks lost 3-2 Thursday to the Ottawa Senators to fall to 1-2-1 on their seven-game National Hockey League road trip.

Henrik Sedin "Yes, I think so, That’s this league. That’s no different for us than other teams. We know we have to be better. I still feel right now we have the group that can score (on the power play). We’re setting up, we’re winning faceoffs. It’s just that last play, we can’t put the puck in the net."

Ryan Miller ‘sensitive’ to rushed rule changes

vancouversun.com - Nov 12, 2015

Asked about the latest declaration of war against goaltending equipment by the National Hockey League, Vancouver Canuck netminder Ryan Miller put his thumb up. He didn’t mean it that way.

Ryan Miller "If my thumb is up like that and a heavy object going 100 miles an hour hits it, what do you think is going to happen? It’s going to break."
Ryan Miller "When you really get down to it, we’re allowing stuff to happen in front of the net that we don’t allow to happen anywhere else on the ice, If you want goal-scoring to go up, why are you letting guys interfere with somebody before they have the puck?"
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Botchford: Ryan Miller says Ray Ferraro is why people are talking about the size of his pants

blogs.theprovince.com - Nov 11, 2015

Admittedly defensive, Ryan Miller punched back at those who believe the answer to the NHL scoring woes is shaving goaltending equipment.

Ryan Miller "You can measure my equipment if you want,"
Ryan Miller "We go through this every three or four years because we can’t figure out how to get goal scoring up,"

Vancouver Canucks suffer last-minute NHL loss in Buffalo

seattletimes.com - Nov 7, 2015

Rasmus Ristolainen scored his second goal of the game with 16.8 seconds left to give the Buffalo Sabres a 3-2 victory over the Vancouver Canucks. It was a painful start to a seven-game trip for the Canucks.

Ryan Miller "It was a big part of my life and it was nice to come back here, Would have been nice to have a better ending, but that’s how it goes."
Daniel Sedin "That turnover can’t happen with 16 seconds to go, or whatever it was, The way we played, we deserved points in this building. It’s unfortunate how it ended."
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Kuzma: Miller rips into team for sloppy defence as Canucks lose on last-minute goal

theprovince.com - Nov 7, 2015

For two days, the love-in was in full bloom. Then it wilted. Quickly.

Sabres spoil Miller’s return to Buffalo

vancouversun.com - Nov 7, 2015

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Ryan Miller got a nice tribute from the Buffalo Sabres and their fans, but he and the Canucks couldn’t get a win Saturday as the Vancouver goalie returned to his former hockey home.

Ryan Miller "It has been kind of the script of a lot of our third periods, At some point we have to take issue with it. We have talked about it, but it has got to become a bigger issue. Maybe that one will be a wake-up call."
Daniel Sedin "That turnover can’t happen with 16 seconds to go or whatever it was, The way we played we deserved points in this building. It’s unfortunate how it ended. Apart from the first five (minutes) I thought we played a pretty good road game."
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Game 14: Canucks at Sabres (11.7.15)

canucks.nhl.com - Nov 7, 2015

Ryan Miller returns to his old stomping grounds for the first time when the Canucks begin a season-high seven-game road trip with an early Saturday tilt against the Buffalo Sabres. Twenty months after he was traded for the first time, Miller fi...

Kuzma: Ryan Miller left his indelible mark on Buffalo

theprovince.com - Nov 6, 2015

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Tyler Ennis was a wide-eyed rookie with the Buffalo Sabres when Ryan Miller was leaving no doubt about his place in the game. It was the 2009-10 season when Ennis, a first-round draft pick, would get his feet wet by playing 16 games while Miller would get his validation by claiming the Vezina Trophy.

Tyler Ennis "My best memory of Ryan is the fact I don’t think I scored on him ever in four years of practice, He’s incredible. He competed for every puck and got upset even if you put a puck in on a rebound when another guy was coming down the chute in drills. That’s why he’s so good. He’s a pro. He was our best player."
Tyler Ennis "Definitely one of best to ever play here and one of the best in the league, We’ll see. He’s earned a lot of respect."

Iain MacIntyre: Canucks’ Ryan Miller savours time as Sabres’ saver

vancouversun.com - Nov 5, 2015

Please don’t take this the wrong way, Vancouver, but Ryan Miller sees similarities between you and Buffalo.

Ryan Miller "The first couple of years after the (2004-05) lockout when we went to the conference finals, I just think the feeling around the team was pretty special, It wasn’t that we were the best team in the league; it was that we kind of grew together and learned how to play the right way together. We set goals for ourselves. We knew we’d have to beat certain teams to make the playoffs, and knew we’d have to play a certain way to win in the playoffs. We learned how to do that and it carried us to a game away from the Stanley Cup Final. That was the most satisfying thing — being a part of a team that was building an identity and having success."
Ryan Miller "To be there so long, then go cold turkey, it is a little bit strange, My parents are coming because going to Buffalo was a big part of their lives as well. And we’re going to be there a little early so there’s a chance to say hi. They have friends in Buffalo."
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Willes: Canucks kids come through with flying colours

theprovince.com - Nov 3, 2015

When the Vancouver Canucks announced Jared McCann and Jake Virtanen would stick with the team, the faithful rejoiced because it felt like the future had arrived ahead of schedule and that future looked like a glorious and exciting thing.

Iain MacIntyre: The Canucks’ future has arrived

vancouversun.com - Nov 2, 2015

Jared and Jake sound like cowboy characters. The Vancouver Canucks staged a horse opera for them on Sunday. Jared McCann didn’t know whether to cry or cry during the performance at the University of B.C. He did neither, barely.

Ryan Miller "Well, you’ve got to sell it, It might have been a little bit much. I think they both thought they were in trouble."
Ryan Miller "They deserve to be here; it’s not something that’s just been handed to them, We’re happy for those guys. Every single one of us had some kind of moment like that. Me and Paul Gaustad made the team (in Buffalo) out of camp and (coach Lindy Ruff) came up to us and said: ‘I think you guys should find a place to live.’ Then he walked out. I think he might have mustered a ‘congratulations’ on the way out. No one was there but us. We gave each other a hug."

Canucks Game Day: Backup Bachman finally gets the call

vancouversun.com - Oct 30, 2015

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Goalie Richard Bachman will finally get his chance to play tonight when the Vancouver Canucks complete a two-game road trip against the Arizona Coyotes.

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