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Dan Campbell has taken lessons from Giants days with him - Dec 9, 2015

Dan Campbell is just starting his career as a head coach in the NFL. But his first taste of the league came when he was a tight end for the Giants.

dan campbell "Certainly both of those guys have had an influence of a little bit of who I am and how I coach, Jason, as a player when I was there, was one of the smartest players I was ever around and Sean Payton was one of the smartest coaches I had ever been around. Certainly I have taken some of that with me and some of the things that they do."

Fluker: body ‘burning' post-concussion - Dec 9, 2015

D.J. Fluker said his recent concussion was the worst of his career, and scary.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson reflects on decision to not sign with Orioles in 2007 - Dec 9, 2015

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said it was “definitely a consideration” to sign with the Orioles when they drafted him in the 41st round of the 2007 baseball draft. “I had gotten calls in the first and second and third round, and the Orioles wanted to take me then,” Wilson said on...

russell wilson "I had gotten calls in the first and second and third round, and the Orioles wanted to take me then,"
russell wilson "I contemplated it or whatever, and I just told them I wanted to play two sports, so that was kind of my decision to go play at [North Carolina State], and obviously growing up near Baltimore, I’ve got a lot of family there in the Maryland area and D.C."

LeSean McCoy on not shaking Chip Kelly's hand, Kelly vs. Rex Ryan, and his time in Philadelphia - Dec 9, 2015

LeSean McCoy does not feel the need to shake Chip Kelly’s hand on Sunday. Kelly told Buffalo media that he wanted to shake McCoy’s hand on Sunday when the Eagles play the Buffalo Bills.

lesean mccoy "He knows that ain’t going to happen, I know that’s not going to happen. We’re not going to shake no hands."
lesean mccoy "For what? We’ve got nothing to shake hands for, Some of the dudes, players there, I’ll shake their hands. Probably going to talk to [Jeffrey] Lurie a little bit. A couple different coaches. A lot of players over there I’m still tight with. I’m going to give Duce [Staley] a big hug. But that’s pretty much it. …What are [Kelly and McCoy] shaking hands for? We don’t have that type of relationship. I have nothing negative to say about him. I’m not going into an argument or fight with me. I just don’t think we need to shake hands."
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Peyton Manning throws, goes through drills for Broncos - Dec 9, 2015

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning took his first significant steps toward returning to the practice field Wednesday morning, throwing inside for a half hour and performing drill work.

peyton manning "The idea is for it to help toward the healing process, But there's no guarantee whatsoever. So, all the other questions and speculation, I don't have anything for you on that. ... It's an individual thing."

Jason Hatcher's status unclear despite good news following MRI exam - Dec 9, 2015

The defensive lineman received good news following an exam on his shoulder, but running back Chris Thompson did not.

jason hatcher "You’ve just got to be careful with it because it’s a serious matter when you’ve got nerves, [It] can shut my arm down for life, and I’m not trying to go through that. At the same time, we’re in a crunch situation where everybody got to be on the field. I’m going to be smart about it and listen to the trainers. If I’ve got enough strength, and I can protect myself and play even half as good I’ve been playing, then I’ll be out there."
jason hatcher "It kind of sucks for me trying to get this nerve issue right, I’ve got a short week with that so hopefully God come in and make a miracle. We’ll see."

Updated first round mock draft: 9th December - Dec 9, 2015

#1 Cleveland Browns — Joey Bosa (DE, Ohio State) There’s no can’t-miss prospect at #1, certainly not at quarterback. It’s impossible to project what the Browns do here. Do they simply take a new QB? Or does a perennially bad franchise just go for the best player? #2 Tennessee Titans — Jaylon Smith (LB, Notre […]

Former Lions DT Nick Fairley still has weight issue in St. Louis but this time in a good way - Dec 9, 2015

Fairley says he weights 281 pounds these days after hitting as much as 320 in Detroit.

nick fairley "My eating habits now, it's not even a diet, just ... changed my way of eating and have been able to stick to it and I'm sticking to it,"
nick fairley "It's doing me real well."
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Bucs Hit Play-Calling Groove in Red Zone - Dec 9, 2015

Wednesday notes: How has the Bucs' offense shrugged off its problems inside the 20? Dirk Koetter and Jameis Winston have found the team's red zone identity…Plus a new MIKE starter and more.

Seattle Sidelines: Seahawks as Muhammad Ali, and Bevell not going to BYU - Dec 9, 2015

Richard Sherman was in a talkative mood Wednesday at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, and he was asked what kind of boxer the Seahawks...

richard sherman "Because even when you though Ali was down and out, you thought he was washed up, you thought he was done, he'd come back and knock somebody out that you didn't expect him to knock out and then get the belt right back, Man, every time you think he's washed up he comes back, and he never really stopped being confident the entire time. Ali."
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